Book proofreading
and Editing

Book proofreading and Editing

City Hills Proofreading offers professional academic and scientific book editing and proofreading services for professors, senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows and research students working in all academic and scientific areas.

The successful publication process of a scholarly book can be lengthy and exacting, and there are usually several stages requiring the author’s time and attention. Our academic or scientific book proofreaders are happy to help you at any point along the way. Feel free to send us each chapter individually as soon as it is drafted or the manuscript of the entire book before submission. If an editor asks you to make revisions in language or formatting, we can help you with the whole book or only the particularly problematic parts of it.

When it comes to final copyediting and typesetting, we are experts in spotting and correcting the tiniest errors and inconsistencies in academic and scientific texts. We encourage you to make use of our academic or scientific book proofreading and editing services in whatever way you find most helpful for your project and suited to your mode of working. Remember, too, that we are also delighted to proofread your book proposals and synopses, as well as your correspondence with editors, to ensure that you are presenting and discussing your work in professional ways that are clear and designed to achieve success.