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City Hills Proofreading provides professional academic editing and proofreading services for all academic disciplines and fields. The quality of proofreading can determine whether a manuscript is accepted or rejected. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of the writing and publication process. Many writers and authors have problems with grammar and style, often as a result of having learned English as a second language. This often makes it a problem for reviewers and editors to comprehend or accept their papers. Sorting out this problem is where we come in. We are aware of these challenges and we have competent staff to treat manuscripts from all fields. We thoroughly check and subject manuscripts to scientific and grammar editing that meets the standards required by international academic journals and publishers. At City Hills Proofreading, we help authors correct and refine their writing.

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We have the practical knowledge and skills to improve your manuscript and make it clear, concise, organized, error-free and ready for submission. City Hills Proofreading serves researchers and students worldwide in every field of study. What’s more? Our services are affordable.